it's time again... (part II)

...continuing my chronicle of hairstyles:

inspiration: (my first attempts to do the whole) french-girl look 
summer, 2011

inspiration: bohemian-marie-kate-olsen-thing
fall, 2011

inspiration: second interpretation of the-french-girl-look
color: again that drug-store-hair-die...
color: obviously none... hence the baaad roots
winter, 2012

inspiration: and here we go again with the-french-girl-look.....(thanx new-york-humidity for giving me a little more texture...)
cut: mc monagle hair in munich, germany
color: me
spring, 2013

inspiration: the-milkmaid-brade, best interpreted by on marie kate olsen
summer, 2013

inspirationelin kling and her no-effort-cus-i-am-so-cool-but-actually-secretly-do-have-to-use-a-veriety-of-products-to-get-this-volume swoosh
summer. 2013

inspiration: bangs like kourtney kardashian
 cut: i used some kitchen scissors, during the commercial break of keeping up with the kardashians (don't judge me....)
summer, 2013

inspirationstill "frenchin'" it... but this time with reverse-ombre. bam!
color: a combination of old dark color growing out, natural lighter color, and even lighter color on the roots (with sun in) by me
summer, 2013

so here we are... two saturdays ago (sorry i have been kind of behind on my posts)... at mcmonagle hair  in munich, germany. this look happened, more or less spontanious... anne-marie (mcmonagle) took all my hair with one hand and cut it off. i said: “cool!”. then she took it again in a highter ponytail and cut (to not say chopped) it off, again. i said: “cooool!!”. she snipped at it a couple more times, while ensuring her next customer (that was watching with a dropped jaw) that she actually caaan cut hair. then we decided to retouch my roots and add some copper here-and-there. it ended up being a david-bowie-(ca. 1973)-meets-keira-knightley-(in elle, april 2005)-kinda-thaaang.

and it is very versatile (just showing a couple of variations...):
(incase you were wondering... make-up tutorials for these looks will follow)

i would love to know which look you liked most... or least...
comment way!

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