it's time again.... (part I)

time for a change. i am one of those girls that changes her hair a looot. i just get bored. i love drastic changes. hair is such a major part of your appearance and changing it usually triggers an entirely new look (at least for me...)
here are some of my different looks:

inspiration: paris hilton (ca. 2002) (yes... don't judge... i loved her)
spring 2006

cut and color: some rando hair dresser
summer, 2006

inspiration: (my fave and aaaaalways appropriate source of inspiration) marilyn monroe
color: drugstore hair dye (as you can tell by that subtle yellow-tune.... hey... i was a starving-student....)
summer, 2007

winter, 2007

spring, 2008

inspiration: keira knightley as domino
cut and color: mc monagle hair, in munich, germany
fall, 2008

summer, 2009

inspiration: cleopatra 
cut: mc monagle hair in munich, germany
winter, 2009

inspiration: ranya mordanova and any other model, who rocked the bleached-brows look back then... and frankly, pulled it off sooo much better than me..... and even though, i see now ...lets be honest... knew back then, that it reeeally didn't look good, ever since i saw rooney mara as lisbeth salander (my absolute favorite bad-ass), and (just now) the girls at alexander mcqueen, spring 14, i am aaaalmost tempted to do it again...... can i get a "fashion-victim"!?
cut and brows: mc monagle hair, in munich, germany
spring, 2011

to be continued...... (i know you are curious to see what could possibly follow that)

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