cloudy day... sparkle-away!

not that one reeeally needs a reason to wear sparkles.... but this morning i woke up to an overcast new york. so i pulled out my little bottle of pink sparkles.

the look: sparkles on the eyes, leaving everything else (almost) bare... to keep this look from going in the i-am-shooting-a-music-video-today direction.

skin: tinted moisturizer... no powder... and (honestly....) only a sweep of whatever-was-left-on-my-blush-brush.

brows: i filled my brows and brushed them into shape.

eyes: before i used the sparkles i first defined my crease with brown shadow, leaving the middle of the lid bare. this way the sparkles would stick directly to my secret-weapon-eyeshadow-base. i dabbed them on my lid with my finger. there is no way to control loose sparkles like that. it will get on other arias of your face body... and might stay there for a couple of days. but isn't that half the fun? black mascara to top it off.

lips: good old lip balm

have fun... how couldn't you with pink sparkles?

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