happy accident

originally i wanted to do a dark-lip look, today. (...because i hadn't done it in a while.) to prep my lips for a sharp-lipliner-edge, i was about to apply concealer.... and the concealer squirted on my dress... and (apart from an annoying and time consuming outfit-change) i really hope the stains will come out... but my hopes are not high..... (yeah, that is not the "happy" part of the "accident", yet...). i decided to not do the stupid-stupid-dark-lipstick-that-needs-all-kinds-of-stupid-work-like-stupid-concealer-that-ruins-dresses-i-have-only-worn-once look. i improvised. (i also didn't have too much more time, before i had to get to work.) and this is the result. not suuuper special... but still nice... nice enough to redo some time.

the look: everyday-fast-but-could-still-go-to-evening look

skin: good even coverage with foundation and power. i sculpted my face very lightly with benefit, 10, a combo of sensual pink and naughty bronze (i think it should be called "face sculpting for dummies".... like me).

brows: to go with the whole sculpted-face thing, i did a strong brow. accieved with dark brown powder and brow gel.

eyes: i used a matt loose powder in plum, all around my eyes... especially on the crease, for a soft-but-dramatic base. my upper and lower lash lines were accentuated with a shimmering taupe eyeliner, that i drew on generously.  a goooood amount of mascara. already done! (like i said... i didn't have much more time.....)

lips: to also give my lips a bit more definition, i first used a lip stain in a nude, along the edges of my lips, and then a coat of a sheer-pink lipstick.

have fun... and don't get make-up on your clothes.

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