totally professshhhhh

the look: this is make-up for a meeting, interview, or any other occasion, i meed to look professional at. and.... sophisticated, i guess.

skin: for even skin, i used a light foundation and powder on the t-zone. (because... what says business-bitch more than i-am-not-wearing-foundation-i-just-happen-to-have-amazing skin?) the apples of my cheeks got a light dusting of cheeks got a light dusting of bright pink loose-powder blush.

brows: i do love strong, dark brows, but for a soft, fresh look (like this one), i use a light brows eyeshadow and fill them (where needed), before setting them with brow gel.

eyes: the base is a shimmering grey, that i sweapt on both, my upper and lower lid. with a couple of extra layers of the same color on the general aria of my crease and outer v. for more depth i added a matt grey to the outer half of my eye. starting at the outer corner, i made short strokes (only moving inward), and worked my way up the crease. with black liquid liner, i created a subtle cat-eye. (i have tried all kinds of different cat-eye-shapes.... different shapes work on different people. it i all about experimenting and finding what is best for you. this half-cat-eye, i find the most flattering on my eyes. it is also not too.... raurrr (the sound a crazy, slightly obnoxious cat makes...)) aaaaanyway, this is how it is done: i start very close to my eyelashes, in the middle of my eyelid. this part is crucial. the painted line has to, smoothly come out of the lash line. then i just pull the brush outward, so the black line gradually becomes thicker. from the very outer corner of my eye, i draw a second little line, slightly upward, to meet the first line in a point. not too far out... not too winged... not too thick. practice makes perfect. but again, this shape i specifically developed for my eyes, because i feel like it gives them a little of that cat-eye-lift. and i don't like it when the black line is "broken" by my lid fold, when my eye is open (which unforuunately happens when i do classic winged-eyeliner shapes.) with my finger i dabbed a shimmering loose powder on the centre of my lid and on my tear duct. emphasizing the cat-eye look, i also concentrated on the outer half of my eye, when i applied mascara. on the bottom lashes, i used the tip of the mascara wand, to create strong (not to use the word.. clumpy) lower lashes.

lips: not that i ever enjoy the possibility of lipstick on my teeth, or dry chappy lips (from too much lipstick-usage), but during a meeting, when people will be looking, and (ideally) listening to you, little (on-the-verge-of-embarrassing) things like that, become tooootally embarrassing. aaaafterwards you notice... and are suddenly aware that everyone was looking at your little... imperfections, not wanting to say anything..... so i used a lip stain + balm, instead of classic lipstick, in a dirty (for the coolness-factor) red.

havve fun

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