like good-hair-days, good-skin-days come out of nowhere… but if they do it is aaaawesom. and the other day i was having both. the saaame day.
in those cases you don't want to mess around too much......

for my mane i used a little of osis, dust it on my roots and baxter of california, clay pomade in the lengths of my hair. 

i didn't use foundation on my skin, but just sculpted it lightly with benefit, 10, bronzing and highlighting duo

my eye-make-up i also kept quite simple.... with mac, paints in stilife as the base and all that glitters eye shadow in the crease. after pulling a delicate line along the upper lash row, with liquid liner i coated the lashes with mascara, while leaving the bottom bare. 

the eye shadow colors i am using lately are mac's embarc and deep damson

and once again....... stila, stay all day liquid lipstick in aria. because, if you have a product that you get compliments on basically every time you wear it why not wear it..... all the time?

now all you have to do is throw on a cute outfit and you can take on the world (or you know..... something that comes close to that.) i had a lovely dinner with friends... met new people and went on a two hour midnight stroll across manhattan bridge.

so ladies and gents, when your next good-hair/skin-day comes along make the best of it and have fun!


new-blonde... part II

i did not forget a bout my friend anna.... here is part II

so just so you know... i have the biggest girl-crush on this lady ....totally not trying and still so bad-ass.

very bare eyes and stained red-brown lips. it is not easy to go soooo bare on the eyes.... this was me having a go at something similar. and then there was also this look, (peeeersonally (on meeee) i like it much more...) that you could see pre-mascara-application on instagram.
 and of course blondes can totally pull off a good classic smoky-eye... usually with a natural or nude lip... but you know it is all bout what-the-hell-you-wanna-do and what makes you feel like the-badest-bitch-that-ever-walked-this earth
smoky-eyes come in any kind of variation... soft...or  matte... or brown...... even blue and sparkly.

what i love abut this look is the extra attention that was paid to the skin... to make it very even but not giving it a mask-look, but rather a healthy dewy finish.
when i go for something like that i use the products i listed in this post.
aaaah, this look is just so nice and fresh and spring-licious..... natural eyes, matte skin, coral cheeks and lips
unfortunately i do not have a lovely matte-bright-coral lip color, like the one cara is wearing.... (i am still in love with both the nars, velvet matte lip pencel and the stila, liquid lipstick that i have been pondering over what color to get next, anyway.) maybe i need to make a stop at sephora on my way home and give this one or this one a try?
the spring looks i haaaave been doing lately are more with subtle colors on the eyes.

but blondies, feel free to go even more colorful!
apparently i looooove purple eye-shadow. looking back through my make-up post i see it quite a bit..... like way back in this post from september, and my instagram in october (when i kinda looked like a getto-fabulous mechanic) and of course (still one of my go-tos) that melting pigment thaaang. even a purple cat-eye..... oh! and lets not for get that time i channeled cynthia.
geeeez i was not aware that i had this problem.... jk. the funny thing is that in all of these looks i used one of the oldest products on my make-up table.... this eye shadow pen that (at least in this form) sephora does not even carry anymore.
and finally, i can tell you one thing..... red lips neeeeever fail!

these two have really been saving me a loooot lately..... because i am priiiitey much doing this ....like every day.
i feel like i should end this post with a blond-joke..... would be so nice and 90s. funnily enough someone just told me one the other day, that (of course) i can't think of it now.... but i am sure you all have one in mind. go tell it the next person you come across and make them smile....


green fuel...

over the past months i have been working out more than i ever have in my life. not because i think i haaave to, or because it is what you are "supposed to do".... but it honestly really makes me feel good and it fills me with pride when i see how my body has change. together with working out at (five to seven times a week) i also wanted to fuel my body, the right way. i stopped trying all those eating fads (that are just out of control, here in new york...) and i learned to listen to my body (not something i am generally toooo good at) and i noticed that a lot of the things i was eating just didn't make me feel satisfied or good.

i have tried a lot of different pre and post work-out foods.... which are especially important when i do back-to-back classes, like yoga and pilates). (if you follow me on instagram) you might have already noticed that i am totally addicted to juice press...

i can't tell you how much i looooove drinking body fit before my workout. it is soooo delicious (even though i do not(!) like fennel......) (and i am not just saying that.... i promise! i would neeever spend ten(!) dollars on something that doesn't taste good and make me feel great.) it really really energizes me without weighing me down. after my classes or my morning run i have found that the remedy is what my body really needs. recently, i have started adding hem protein to it (....which you may or may not like).
 (still haven't found the magic potion to help me master my yoga-goal-pose... pada urdhva dhanurasana. jk... it's not magic... it's practice... i know. which will make it that much more rewarding when i do finally get that leg in a perfect straight line up the sky.)


new and old love....

you know how people say that being in love inspires and makes you glow and all that? well i agree. because i have a new love and it's making me freakin excited and energized. i am talking about my newest girl-crush.....
i have been crushing on debbie harry and reeeeally hard on charlotte carey (can't believe i haven't told you about her before....) for a while now. so that's kind of how this look came about that i have been rocking lately.....
this week i found someone new to add to my bad-ass-beauties lineup..... buuuuuut for the purpose of suspence aaaand so i can have some more time to stalk her.... i will have to introduce her to you later.

and just incase you were wondering.... i am wearing marc jacobs sunglasses, an old army jacket (that my mom hates) ans my make-up was basically this. my hair is a mix of yoga-sweat (don't judge, i looove my post workout hair) and baxter of California, caly pomade.


cheshire.... love at first sight

it's my weakness..... jewelry. or strength... however you look at it. (and shoes ...but that's another story)
over the weekend i did a little shopping in my hood. i walked into the rising states and after browsing through the clothe racks (i have trained myself to not check out the jewelry first... i would never buy clothes) i had a look in the glass case and saw a bunch of coooool-ass pieces, and had the lovely sales girl michelle  (...we bonded quickly) pull a couple out. but these farris earrings were love at first sight.... so perfectly random... and minimal... and unique...... and i immediately didn't care about anything else in the store or how much they cost......

you can find them (in silver) here.

and thanks michelle for this lovely instagram......

oh yeah! and "i got baaangs!" (little legally-blonde-moment.....). well.... i cut them myself over the bathroom sink... with kitchen scissors..... et voilĂ .