hello there... shanghai

here are the pics from my first days in shanghai. but i can already tell that there will be maaany more...... (you can also check out my instagram... for the little snap-shots)

have fun... whatever side of the world you are on.


new version.....

my summer make-up has still been very more or less simple and usually with focus on the lips. i have been doing versions of this

even though i just changed two small thing it gave me a completely different look. 
this time i used a frosted pink eyeshadow color on the crease over mac, paints in stilife and lipstick in media (with my vino lip pencil).

have fun


bye bye comfort-zone

yesterday i moved to shanghai.... china. (that's the reason for the lack of posts lately.... sooooorry. but moving your life to the other side of the world is raaaather time intensive,)

i wrote the following text one beautiful morning, a couple of weeks ago......

this morning i had that moment… that moment when you realize you found something and you have to let it go. and you have to find something new all over again(don't worry i am not getting all lovy-dovy on you….) i am talking about myself. i feel like i found myself… my new-york-self. i always knew i belonged here. (i hate saying that because it sounds so cliché but that's how it is….. shoot me.) of course, it took me my new-york-self some time to get born. to be comfortable in the city... with my friends..... and myself. i realized a couple of weeks ago that i am… comfortable. comfort is a luxury (sorry for being all poetic and shit… just writing down hat is poping up in my head. (a rare moment... that i can even hold to my thoughts long enough... to  realize them and let them out. and i veeery rarely share them.) anyway, now i am leaving my comfort zone (i am know to push people outside of theeeeir comfort zone) i believe in it and now it is my turn.... to leave my new york and find myself some where else. i am looking forward to who i will become.

what ever time or comfort zone you are in..... have fun!


adventure…. mid-week quote

you will be hearing me talk read a lot about adventure….. 
because i am about to head for one… very soon. i am excited and freaking ouuuut! i won't tell you quite yet what it is, but i will tell you that i am sure there will be lots of new exciting post coming from it. 

what was your adventure today?


a bit of drama

lately my make-up has been very minimal…. so the other day i was in the mood for a little bit more dramatic look.

just remember: "all drama must remain on stage!"

skin: for  a more intense make-up look like this i like the skin to be very even too. that means revlon, photoready bb cream, skin perfecter with spy 30 under bare essentials, bare minerals, original foundation broad spectrum and for that extra little drama-factor benefit, 10, bronzing and highlighting duo

eyes: once again i used all that glitters by mac as the base. with a medium eyeshadow brush i placed a silvery-purple (unfortunately it was a special edition) pigment by mac on the movable lids. and incase you think that i ooonly use name-brand make-up…… i'll prove you wrong. the eye liner i used is by a total drugstore-cosmetics line… p2. i really like their fantastic chrome kajal eyeliners though and this one is 060 black granite. i pulled it generous along both lash lines and then smudged it with my fingers, before coating my eye lashes with mascara. (was having a bad-lash-day……..)

lips: i filled my entire lips with mac's lip pencil in night moth and then painted lipstick in media over it. 

and i guess the bitch-face just came with the look…. jk. 


summer in the city

the weather has been so beautiful here in new york.i have been spending most of my time outside enjoying the summer in this magical city.

have a beautiful weekend! and if the sun is not shining where you are then you will just have to shiiiiine yourself!