up in the air

so, we all know that it is important to moisturize and hydrate, prior and during traveling by plane. as far as make-up goes, i like take those factors into account, as well as knowing that i will be sleeping in various (creative-yet-uncomfortable) positions, that will probably involve a hand, pillow, or blanket in my face. so i used products that ether don't wear off, or don't look totally messed up, when they do.

the look: looking refreshed and fabulous, when i embrace my family at the airport in munich.
skin: tinted moisturizer. no powder (even though face powder is my first choice for face make-up), because it might act funny when i moisturize, during the flight. because powdery blush isn't exactly long-lasting, i used a lip/skin tinter on the apples of my cheeks.

brows: my brows really don"t look good without special attention. for this occasion, i used a tinted brow gel to hold them in place.

eyes: i used a generous amount of bare escentuals, loose powder in bare skin. it is basically a nude color that sparkel beautifully in shades of pink and brown. i love using it for lazy-girl-make-up days, because just using this one product gives the eye sooo much depth. and even though it is very sparkly, it sill looks natural. then i added a soft sweep of matt, light brown on my crease, to create very shading. these are the product that will still look fine when they wear off, because they are very light and close to my natural skin tone. since my flight-outfit consists of denim (3 kinds of denim, to be more exact.... totally rocking the canadian tuxedo) and gray melange, i had the urge to add some color. this liquid eye liner is indestructible... seriously. (i ave swum in the ocean with it and it did not move!) i am absolutely confident that it will survive a 7 hour flight..... even in the event of a crash. anyway, i drew a purple band along the upper lashes. to add subtle luminance, i placed highlights onto of that, in the centre only, and on my tear duct. mascara... not too much (so it down't crumble) and not on the lower lashes (they would probably end up stuck together and... messed up. i also feel like it is easier to retouch the under-eye area)

lips: i used the same tinter, that i applied to my cheeks, on my lips. tinters are long-lasting and keep the option, of additionally applying your moisturizer-of-choice, open. i use carmex. (yes... out of all of the product that i use and love, carmex is a definite must-have. it is so good... and cheap...)

have a good flight!

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