visiting maike (pronounced m ay k eh)

yes, people have told me that i am too old to still so the piercing-thing...... but a) i have always been a... late-bloomer, i guess. b) now (that i am not underage anymore) i don’t have to get it done in some rando’s basement... (not that i would eeever consider doing something stupid and immature, like that......)  and c) now i can’t get grounded for "body-mutilation" (how my parents used to (probably still do) call it).... so, while in munich i paid my lovely piercer, maike a visit (she apologizes every time for causing you pain. isn't that cute?)... and of course i had to do my make-up to make me feel bad-ass (and less like the wimp i actually am.......)

the look: daytime smokey-eyes and... not really a whole lot more
skin: where needed, i used light foundation and powder on the entire face for a matt finish. pinkish matt blush on the hollows of my cheeks.

since most of the face is left quite pure i did a strong-brow. it 
also always make me feel more bad-ass (silly... i know..... but whatever works. right?)

eyes: i started with a matt medium grey and painted it generously over both lids. on the moveable lid i added black eye shadow and made sure to place it close to the lashes (because i won't be using eyeliner). the last layer was a loose pigment in a silvery-purple (love this color because i it is a cool color without being too dramatic. aaand the subtle purple makes my eyes look more green). staring on the centre of my lid i blended it outward and also added it along the lower lashes. to keep this a daytime-look, i abstained from eye liner, but wasn’t to stingy with mascara....
lips: using my finger, i dabbed a good amount of balm on my lips.

have fun
(and the best thing you can do when you go to the piercer, is bring a friend who's hand you get to squeeze reeeeeally hard.... thanx anna!)

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