love at first sight... tom ford

"if i can't have these sunglasses, i might die!"....
sounds dramatic, but that i actually what i said, when i saw kourtney kardashian wearing them.

i immediately suspected that this fabulous-sexyness was tom ford... and i was right.

to make a long story short (it is long... because i did look around in new york and germany to locate the best... price. i did. don't worry) i bought them. i had to.... it was that kind of purchase that made me sweat out of excitement. i kid you not. and even though it is basically fall, and i am living on the so called "tom-ford-budget", now. (which implies not buying little things, such as a matcha green tea lattes, on my way to work, or larger things like a new winter coat......) it was worth it. 

wearing them makes me feel like a million dollars! (a feeling you might have had yourself, in which case you know exactly what i am talking about, ooor you have never had it... in which case you think i am a total-drama-queen-fashion-victim-lunatic). and although some people might not believe me... i will have these foreeever. they might eventually be put to rest for a while. (like, currently, my neon orange alexander mcqueen pumps. i bought them befooooore eeeveryone and their friend wore neon... and they suddenly didn't seem special anymore.... i do still love them though). i will keep these babies until, in 20 years, my niece sees a picture of my wearing them... and will want them... and i will give them to her....... and it will give her that same million-dollar (or whatever currency we will have then...) feeling.

me, striking my don't-i-look-like-a-million-dollars-? pose

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