benefit(ing) (like that play on words?)

i stayed at my sisters (the best sister in aaaall of the lands, by the way) one night, while i was in munich. i did not have any of my make-up with me, for the next day..... i hate not having my own make-up, but it is a good opportunity to try different products. i tried some of her benefit products. Honestly, I am was not a big benefit-fan.... but i really liked these little guys..... and i think i will have to purchase them. 
skin: some kind-a gorgeous, a concealer that i applied (with my fingers) under my (jetlag) eyes and other little imperfections..... it feels really good (and i am not just saying that because it tells me that on the lid...) because it is creamy at first, but turns into powder when applying it and really melts into your skin. a really good alternative if you don’t want / need to do the full foundation-concealer-and-powder thing. 

brows: i usually fill my brows with eye shadow, and a brow brush, for a strong-very-defined look. for a natural-but-groomed brow, gimme brow (a tinted brow gel) is a good option. (I didn’t really like this color on me though....)

eyes: i regretted not having myyy mascara with me..... i just need my long eye-batting lashes. (and as you can see they need a specific mascara, to bring out the "are-those-real?" look.....) 

lips: i already own bene tint (the one that also comes with clear gloss, pocket pal), but i diiid discover it the first time, at my sister's. the applicator (imagine a nail polish brush... kinda scary at first), makes it easy to apply. depending on how many layers you apply, it can be a very light tint, or a darker still-natural-lip-color reddish (like i did in my up in the air look). i also used it on the apples of my cheeks. i usually don’t like using stains on my cheeks, because they are not quite as easy to apply (as a powder with a brush), but they last much longer and they leave the skin looking nice and dewy.

have fun 

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