i met lisi (actually elisabeth... followed by at least 10 more names) about 4 yeas ago, when we were both interning at my previous place of work, in munich. we have both gone veeery far from the little-care-free interns, we were back then. and even though lisi did not stay in munich, after her internship ended ...and i obviously moved on too... i still consider her one of my dearest. she is a friend, that i will always feel close to... no matter how long we haven't seen each other for. (and those are the most important to have....). i can have fun girly-days with her (the girl likes to shop!), crazy nights with drinks and dancing and stuff..., and dinners with deep heart-opening conversations.

she is the kind natural-beauty, that should never be covered with layers of make-up or hair die or other (fun, yet ...in her case... unnecessary) decorations. but beyond that she is fun and warm, and has the most endearing and joyful laugh, out of anyone i know.

little things, that make lisi smile:
those accidental bubbles, coming from the dishwashing detergent bottle, when you're doing the dishes - walking in the sunshine - the smell of fresh cut grass - having dinner with friends


all pictures of lisi, taken by me, in munich and berlin

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