graphic shadows

(now if that's not not a poetic title... i don't know what is.....)
this is the look i originally had planed for the day i got make-up on my dress and had to improvise, do to running-out-of-time. (the stains luckily came out... incase you were wondering.....) it ended up being a good make-up to do on a saturday, though. because it is one of the  more time-intensive looks.... but is also very good for whatever spontaneous events you might come across on a saturday in new york....... and yes, it ended up being a day that tough me to never leave the house without a wallet / id. even if your just "running to the cafe you forgot your phone at"...... 

the look: matt skin, liquid liner and dark lips

skin: evening out the skin with foundation and matting it with powder. i molded my face very lightly, by using a darker brown on the hollows of my cheeks and a lighter shimmering pink on my cheeks.

brows: i defined with brown eyeshadow and brow gel.

eyes: i started with the darker color, a matte medium gray. creating a soft shadow by sweeping a light layer all over the eyelids, using more color on the outer v and crease, while blending it very well. the second step was brushing on the light pink, starting at the inner corner and letting it fade out at the middle of the lid. with an angled eyeliner brush and a liquid liner (that becomes paintable after adding water,) i drew a (smallish) cate-eye. mascara, especially on the top lash row.

lips: to get a very hard edge, i start by putting liquid concealer on the rim of my lips, and then drew the shape with mac, lip pencil in vino. (feel free to not follow your exaaact lip shape. i, for example, like a very pointy cupids bow...) the lipstick i used was mac, satin, media

[beauty secret: to make lipstick last longer i close my mouth on a tissue and reapply a second layer of the color. and i make sure to have well hydrated lips before i go for a heavy-lipstick day. (ideally) the night before, i like to exfoliate my lips and sleep with a thick layer of a lip moisturizer of some sort, so it can really soak in. applying balm or a conditioner right before the lipstick, will not help too much and will just make the lipstick crease and wear off faster.]

have fun

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