i can't do without… dust it

next to baxter, clay pomade my other almost-every-day beauty product is schwarzkopf, osis+, dust it, texture, mattifying powder. i have been using it for yeeeears. it is a white powder that texturizes the hair in a way that is very hard to describe…. it kind of makes the hair rough and dry-feeling. on the homepage it is described (among very appropriate adjectives) with  "natural feel"... which i will have to disagree with... because it essentially make it impossible to run your fingers through your hair. but it does absolutely not make the hair crispy and it is totally invisible on the hair. a nother reason why i love it… no matter how much you touch it, the rough texture will not lessen. (not like hair spray that does not really do anything once wind or hands messes it up.) the powder will work its magic until you wash it. (i also want to note that it keeps the shampoo from lathering properly, which is kinda strange at first…..) 

i put it on my roots for volume when i want that super-cool-swoosh. and truuust me, i do noooot naturally have volume. 

details on this make-up-look... here

it gives braided hair styles that fuzzy-touch......

don't have a tutorial for this make-up look (because it was pre-blog) but a similar thaaang... here

and it is a must for up-dos, because i have the kind of hair that (if i don't use dust it) will slip out of the pins and fall apart.

the story on this make-up… here

look at how it transforms rachel's beautiful sleek-asian-hair. 

can i get a "messy hair don't care"?
photos of rachel... by me

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