new-blonde..... part I

 remember my friend anna i told you about, who is a new-blonde and asked me for some make-up ideas to go with her new mane? here are some looks that iiii would play with if i were currently blond....

i always like strong (on the verge of clumpy) lashes and bright lips. it is not an a-looot-of-make-up look but the blond hair will make it look more bold (...and bold is goooood).

apart from the lashes, the eye make-up is rather natural... which reminded me of what i did here. the simplicity of it also is similar to my plain and simple post (that i still do aaaaall the time). to do the bright pink lips... instead of dragon girl (the perfect-red color i was wearing) you could go with 413 BLKR fuchsia (an online exclusive (why???) color of nars, velvet matt lip pencil)
 mary-kate olsen has a really nice look going on here....
darker brows, dark brown eye shadow (only on the movable lids), full eye lashes, natural skin and matte red lips
the lack of heavy foundation (a little sheer powder to fight the shine without covering the gorgeous freckles will do) and stained lips (i would try revlon, just bitten, lip stain + blam in forbidden)   keep this look natural. the dark-brown eye shadow is only spread on the movable lid and goes beautifully with the un-bleached eye brows and full lashes.
cameron diaz goes a little more glam with gold shimmer on the eyes and a good-classic-red lipstick.
even though i am sure a lot of you have worn red lips before, it is not so easy to get it this perfectly... the way they would wear it in the 50s (lets not forget our blond-muse marilyn)so here is a good-little-post with my classic-red-lip tutorial. for the eyes i would go with some sort of cream-shadow and rim the waterlines with dark brown eyeliner. for a more... lets call it..... complicated approach to the golden-y eye thaaaang you can have a look at what i did here.
oooor, beautiful-blond-ladies do a natural look... without being make-up-less or boring
for some similar looks i have done click here, here or here...
aaaaall about the lashes and lips....
this look (one of my favorites... by the way) reminded me that i should do this or this more often. sooo... seductive don't you think?
have fun playing with these ideas... even if you are not blonde. i will! ....can't let the blondes have all the fun, right? but if your were not feeling any of these looks... don't worry... i have moooooore. but four now i wish you a wooonderful summer-thursday and (if you don't get to see your beautiful faces, before) a fuuuuuuuun fourth!

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