"strange desire".... teaser

with this super cool teaser i have a very exciting announcement to make! 

from now on you will have to type a couple less letters when looking for this little blog of mine....

(and to make sure you follow me to my blogs new home) the teaser to "strange desire"

so this one day.... at deus in changgu, bali... i did this (more or less spontaneous) photoshoot... with an incredibly talented photographer... kornel wirawan. and i can't wait to shear more of his work!

in this photo i look relaxed but i am pretty nervous about working with a new blog...... please, bare with me.

the happy guy

i ran into this guy right before stepping onto this beach on koh rong. 

i mentioned how much i loved the little white flower in his hair and he said that (looking through the trees and getting the first glimpse of the sand that we were about tho feel between our tows) that he is having the happiest moment of his life.

i hope you can remember the last time you had that similar moment. 

the beauties... vol 6.

the women of laos did not only have a natural way of beautifully mixing patterns and colors, but they also rocked some pretty sweet #vagabondeadwear.

all photos by me


a color-lover's heaven

can you imagine how happy a color-lover like me was here?
(see my instagram post)

february 2015, vientiane, laos... all photos by me


#tbt turbans

remember my post on bad-hair-days? well (you might have figured)..... for me, those days are over. but by adding a little "#tbt" to this post and we are all goooood. because here are some photos of me rockin some turbans and head scarves....

get ready for my i-am-really-excited-about-what-i-am-about-to-eat face.....

and of course, lets not forget about my little #vagabondheadwear collection (that you can follow on my instagram), that i am getting quite proud of.....