one in a million...

there are sooooo many lip products out there. different price categories and finishes and glosses and tints and who-knows-what.... in an endless amount of colors. why buy one and not the other?

i saw this color (that has since been the newest addition to my lip-box on my make-up table) on a girl. and i didn't care... what brand it was... or if it is a classic lipstick or a gloss... or if it possibly is berry-vanilla-whipped-cream flavored. i wanted it because it was really bright. we know red lips have a certain power to them. so no wonder that the red-lip look is about as common, on the streets of new york as broken umbrellas.... so, if you do it, you better do it bright.

nars, velvet matt lip pencil, dragon girl… 

the color is so saturated and it feels amazing (like i am not wearing anything on my lips at all)! it is easy to apply (do to lack of a naturally defined lip-edge, i do combine it with a lip liner...) and doesn't wear off super fast.

what do you think? was i right to choose this one and not one of it's million competitors?


  1. What a great color! I love that it's not red red, but has a little raspberry tinge to it.

  2. thanx! that's what i like about it too.

  3. It compliments your coloring and I also like that it is bold, without being an FM red