camel pooping lights …little things that make me smile

if you follow my life...style board on pinterest you might have noticed that i really like strings of light to give the room a comfy-feel. when i was looking for my very own, i knew that i wanted the lights to be very little (not the christmas-y ones) and i wanted the light to be warm. it took me for eeeever to find the perfect one….. 

i found it in a random garden and home improvement store in the east village. (no, aaall the light stores on bowery were no big help…). the package specifically said "warm light" and it doesn't have a big ugly black cable between the lights. it is a silver wire (which would also make it easy to wrap around things) and the lights are little bubbles on the wire. aaaaand they are led, so my tree-hugger heart is happy too.
it's also really good for a spontaneous photoshoot….
and my mom gave me this funny little camel. i forgot where she got it from though....
what random little things do you have in your room, that always make you smile?

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