oh technology.....

i am having technical difficulties... after my camera having a minor to medium defect, my phone decided to die... not just frozen....... totally black screen and no reaction to the typical rebut tricks....

in the middle of bangkok (far from the traveler friendly arias of "free wifi here" and english speaking locals.....) and (only) aaaaafter finding out that there are actually no "real" apple stores in thailand (really, apple!?) i did have a little moment of "ok, breath and chill". then, immediately thoughts of "how silly that i am so dependent on technology... phones... wifi and all that crap." but then i though about my family... and decided that there is actually nothing silly about wanting to inform them about what country i am currently in as well, as keeping in touch with my friends. aaaand it just so happens that i need a camera, a laptop, a phone and wifi for this little blog. so yes, i agree with most people that the cell phone usage has gotten out of control, but we can't denny that it has become a necessity.... and anyway instagraming is just fun.

koh rong island, cambodia... photo by shay lee nissim


island life... part II

yes... living on an island is pretty much like you imagine......some where in that description everyone will use the word "paradise". no? still.... after a couple of days i did have the urge to wear shoes... look in a mirror... not having to get wet (up to my hips) in order to get in a taxi (which on an island is a boat...)... and of course other little totally trivial things.

january 2015, koh rong, cambodia... all photos by me


island life... part I

here are the photos from that time i lived on an island, for a couple of days anyway. (soooo much sand.......)

january 2015, koh rong, cambodia... all photos by me


i am a yogi

unfortunately it happened.......... that i totally got out of my daily yoga routine. (but as we know having a routine as a vagabond is not exactly possible easy) but i don't have to have to be in the deepest backbend to be a yogi (i do miss a spontaneous backbend though... like here or here). yoga showed me what i can do with my body and breath, alone... and that i can trust it. 

and don't worry (i am telling myself this...) i will get back into my morning sun salutaions. (hell, i neeeeed my chaturanga-arms for all that backpack-schlepping.....)

january 2015, kong lan the beautiful canyon (that i of course have more pics of) outside of pai, thailand.... photo by shay lee nissim

put the "ha" in..... mid-week quote

yesterday in vang vieng i met a fellow traveler who was having...... a moment (to not say "little melt-down") (i gladly gave her my ear, advice, nail polish and a new hairstyle.) essentially because after traveling for a while she realizes that she was in fact still not... happy. this is for her.......


pm in bkk

january 2015, bangkok, thailand.... all photos by me
(don't worry mom, it looks a lot worse (aka. creepy / dirty / dangerous) than it is)