also as a vagabond....... sometimes you gotta get a little glamed up, for example if it happens to be new years eve. 

new years eve, phnom penh, cambodia... photos by me

getting not-every-day glamed with the same items of clothing and beauty products you have had access to for the last months........

my make-up was the never-fail cat-eye-and-lipstick look (a simplefied version of this) that only included liquid eye liner, shimmering powder for my eyelids and cheeks, and lipstick. (but i promise, there will be a vagabond-make-up post coming up.)

i was wearing the silk kimono i bought in suzhou, china (the pics from that trip you can see here and here), that has been serving as the perfect covet-up for 35-degree-temple-visits.

and yes, this look does want heels...... but guess what, i haven't worn any since i started this trip....

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