safe and wild soulmates

the word “soulmate” is a word that is one of those words that we have probably all used before. it is one of those words that (to me) was always a bit cliché and… empty. but… now that i have found my soulmate, i know what it means. to me it means that you "equal each other out" perfectly... without meaning “opposites attract” or “made for each other” (...other cliché phrases to describe the complicated relationship between two people) soulmates complete each-other perfectly... like two puzzle pieces. 

being someone who has never really yearned for.... a domestic life, i nerver concerned myself (or felt the pressure to... for that matter) with finding such a special person. and lets not forget that i don't believe that soul mates are limited to romantic relationships. i aaaam talking about a friend here.... fyi. but i did find the person that is so very different put fits so perfectly to me.

and this phrase describes me and myyy soulmate perfectly…

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