the big red flag

so this post is for the ladies.... the single ladies...... all my sing ladies, all my single ladies, now put your hands up, up in the club... sorry... had to channel my inner yoncer......
aaanyway, everyone has certain mental list of (commonly referred to as) deal-breakers... iiii ted to call it my red-flag-list... (because the red flag is there.... but you can decide to ignore it..... you know what i mean?) well this morning, on the treadmill i had an epiphany. the biggest red flag that (at the moooment) i would call it safe to refer to as a deal-breaker. ready? when you find out that he is / was / wants to be with a trashy girl. so when you see him with a past or present girl. no matter if he is past or present... your friends will always point out heeeeer flaws. that's just what girls do (prittey sure boys too). and that's what friends are for. and sometimes you will believe them and sometimes... not so much. but you(!) will recognize the trashy ones. no need for outside confirmation. you think: "is that his taste?" does he not care that she is wearing classless outfits and looks kinda... dirty?" (not the cool kind of dirty christina sings about. ain't nothing wrong with that.....) well it instantly makes him toooootally unattractive and ladies we don't want none of that!
to prove my point. exibit a) jonny depp  and i swear that this is a tooootal coincidence that this is into the gloss's tbt. well if jonny is your type or not.... you have to admit.. he has something. and(!) not a trashy ex in sight!
with that thought i will leave you to enjoy your weekend. have fun... with classy, beautiful inspiring people!
what are our thought? was i on a irrational runner-high when i came up with this theory? And what are your red flags or deal breakers?



i don't know why but the dark-lip look just makes me feel super cool bad-ass……
i have been trying to decide for a while now, which lipstick i should get to fulfill this need (without coming too close to my favorite dar-but-not-too-dark lipstick, media). and because (last time at the mac store) i still couldn't decide between the dark side and all the other bad-ass shades, the high-girl-crush-potentional sales woman had the genius suggestion to just layer a different lip pencil under my media….

yeah…. the lips have to be well pre-moisturized (like for all lipstick-days) but then the pencil really holds on to the pigments of the lipstick.

have fun!


birthday bubbles

i took these pictures a while ago.... in my beloved munich.
with the last one i am wishing my beautiful sister haaaaappy biiiiiirthdaaaayyyy!
i love you sis!
munich, summer of 2012 (i think)... take by me.

inspire and learn

since starting this little blog of mine.... the most rewarding moments were when i noticed that i inspired someone. because really... (apart from having my own little world where i can do whateverthehelliwant (like write a bunch of words as one)) inspiration... montivation... and fun is what it's all about. i remember very clearly when my friend anna sent me a picture of her beautiful face, after she had done make-up that this blog inspired her to.

but this blog is also teaching me a lot........ i just got my first clicks from new caledonia.  and (honestly) i had never heard of this country..... soooooorry
so thank you merci to my new caledonian (caledonian? is that right?) follower for introducing me to your beatyful (at leas what i could see from pictures...) country.

don't forget to learn something every day!

oh and fyi germany, usa is about to pass you up with clicks so you better get on it.


we are only human, right?

we all have (at least one) of the following: wrinkles... hair (in unwanted places)… no hair (in wanted places)… cellulite..... chipped nails........ and pimples(!). but, we aaaaare only human. (at least most of us...). well, ever since moving to new york my skin has been getting worse and worse. i figured out how to take care of my dry hands and this little product took care of the rest... but my face seems to be very sensitive to the new york air lack of sleep.....

my friend suzanne is a model, so i love talking to her about beauty…. eating right…. and exercise (among other less important things, of course….… like boys… and shopping. well, i take that back. why would i ever suggest that shopping is unimportant?). a while ago (which reminds me that i haven't seen her in waaaaay to long….) i also asked her about her beauty secret, when it comes to blemish-termination…..

by coincidence i just came across a video of her shareing her get-rid-of-pimples-overnight trick (and i thought i was the only one who she shared he beauty-secrets with.... jk.) instead of me trying to describe it.... just click here and have her (in all her lovely-ness) show you.

suzanne at the butchers daughter, i new york, march 2013… shoot by my

sorry for only having this (far-from-professionsal bogger and meanwhile quite old) instagram picture of her….. (but i doubt this is the last you will see of her gorgeous face……)

i would love to hear any little pimple-fighting tip you have. 


happy freakin' friday (with a little flashbackfriday goodie...)

one of those days... friday... woke-up (so that's good 'cus it means i didn't die)... went for a run (and left with a new personal best)... threw on one of my fave dresses (i'll have to show it to you another time)... did a version of my brows-lashes-lips look (i am already thinking about the next color of stila, stay all day liquid lipstick i will add to my collection)... having a good-hair day (from @ouuuliaaa instagram: "if my hair looks good i can deal with anything.")...
i might still be on a high from last night when it was not freezing at night walking home, after i spontaneously went to  the filson soho store opening (which is beeauuuutiful... by the way)...  and finally tried this lovely little restaurant in my hood, teany. i have passed it a million times and aaalways wanted to go (...but you know how it is)... well i love it... the italian owner... and the amaaazing pumpkin cheesecake, i had for dessert. and i was just enjoying the beautiful streets of new york at night... the shadows the streetlights and fire escapes were making....... you know that moment when you look at someone and it hits you how much you love them that you have the urge to crawl inside of them? yeah, that was me... last night... with new york.
 well like i said (and you might be able to tell...), i am still on a high from it. not even this far-from-lovely weather can cramp my style. and a couple of minutes ago i got a text from my sis, telling me to google this...... and if you are not haven a quiet as good day as me, this should at least give you a little moment of happiness....... enjoy.

happy freakin' friday!


tyra is a workin' bitch

saw this the other day on instagram....
you already know how much i love work bitch by britney spears... and tyra agrees with me.
photo... @tyrabnaks



now that spring finally decided to make a couple of appearances in new york i have really been in the mood for more colorful make-up...
eyes: you might have noticed that i have been using mac's all that glitters a loooot lately. it is so suitable to start out most looks with because it is such a beautiful close-to-nude shimmer that will make it easy to avoid not-sufficiently-blended looking eye shadows. (i would also highly recommend this color if you are not toooo comfortable with wearing shadow on your eye lids at all. you can not go wrong with this.) anyway, after a rather generous amount of it, i blotted bare escentuals loose powder, in the buff on the center of the movable lid, on the inner corners of my eyes and below the arch of my eye brows. with a small eye shadow brush i drew coppering (by mac) along both lash rows and also on the outer v. with a short bristled brush (similar to #214 by mac) i carefully placed my sparkly-blue shadow liberty (that i first told you about here) on my bottom eye lid. i then decided to optically deepen the crease more, which i achieved with a couple of strokes of antiqued (also by mac). the most important step for this look was coating the bottom waterline with a turquoise eyeliner.... and to refine it a bit more... i used aquadisiac (anooother mac eye shadow...) for the bottom tear duct.
since this eye-make-up had a lot of layers and such....... i did my new-default-look on the rest of my face.
have fun!


kinder riegel..... little things that make me smile

my mom texted me a video of this kinder riegel commercial that runs on tv in germany. for some reason i always just loooved this commercial (which my mom found so random and amusing. it is actually quite random because i am not exactly the... romantic type. but this commercial always made me feel warm and fuzzy inside). i had forgotten all about it and her sending it to me definitely made me smile.... maybe it will do the same to you.... so here it is:

how about sending someone you love a random-little-something that shows them that you are thinking of them and make them smile on this spring monday.


windows to adventure

what is it about windows that is so magical? (might be a little poetic...... but it's my current word-of-choice.)

maybe because you are in the comfort of your room but you can see the outside world and all the adventures that await.

or maybe it's just the lovely light…..

on this beautiful friday....... go out and explore the adventures that await in the magical (there that word is again) city you live in.
all photos of new york windows... by me


visiting steve...

 just read looked at the pictures on into the gloss, the power of piercings....

it reminded me of when i got my last piercing (by a veeery sweet guy named steve, at pure body arts) a couple of weeks ago. funny thing... piercings. after each piercing i get i think "how stupid do you have to be, to have someone jam a needle through (in this case) my lip!?" i (in some respect) do understand the "body-mutilation" my parents throw at me... but(!) actually it is just another way of decoration. and isn't that what all this make-up... nail-art... clothes... and shoes is about? (yeah! i definitely have hade more painful moments with some heels (that will stay anonymous...) than with piercings. ladies, can i get an amen?)
anyway, just like (a couple of months ago) when i paid maike a visit, i did my makeup to feel like the bad-ass that i am pretend to be.

this make-up look was kind-of the precursor of the one i did here.
whatever your decoration-of-choice might be... have fun with it!