brows... lashes... lips...

the look: bold-brows, full-lashes and matt-lips.
skin: going with the very clean look, i used foundation to cover my skin, starting from the centre and blending it outward. i also used concealer under my eyes and at the inner corners of the eyes... along the bridge of the nose... and up to the bottom edge of the brow. finishing my face off with matt powder foundation and loose powder blush.
brows: starting by drawing a line, with an angled browbrush and brown eyeshadow, along the bottom edge, carefully starting at the insides. then i blended the shadow into the brow by sweeping it upward with the brush, without making a hard line on the upper edge. this way the brows look fuller, very groomed, but still natural. for the arch and outer half i like using a darker shade of brown, because  this is where my eyebrows are more scarce. to hold all of this in place i will finally set them carefully with clear row-gel.
eyes: i used two matte colors. first, a light tone (a couple of shades lighter than my skin), generously over the entire lid. with a medium eyeshadow brush i placed the second color, a light pink, on the general area of the crease.
lips: all i used was a liquid lipstick, that dries matt and lasts aaaaaaaall day. no lipliner and reapplying needed!

have fun!

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