gray t-shirt and jeans.....

the look: for a gray-t-shirt-and-jeans kind of day.... make-up that is cool with a little touch of color. 
the skin: i did my basic, light foundation and finished that off with some pressed powder and a light sweep of a natural rose-colored blush.
the brows: for a stronger (don't-mess-with-me-looking) brow, i used a dark brown, and drew them a little bit thicker than they naturally are.
the eyes: i used three colors of matt eye shadow. the base layer is a very light brown, that i blended up to the brow bone. on the movable lid i put a medium grey. in order to melt these two colors together, in a natural looking way, i swept a medium brown along the crease, starting with the outer corner. along the outer half of the bottom lash line, i put a light shadow of the medium brown and an grey. for a touch more..... coolness, i applied a hint of black, with an eye liner pencil, between the lashes . i created a color-highlight by placing a very thin line of, first the purple, and then, an even thiner shorter line, of the blue liquid liner, on the middle of the bottom of the lash line. mascara on the upper lashes and on the outer half of the bottom ones (not to cover up the purple and blue).
the lips: i dabbed a little bit if a flesh colored gloss on my lips.

have fun!


  1. I love the little touch of color - especially because it's in such an unexpected spot.

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