so after spending the probably (but hopefully, not) laaaast day at the beach, i ended up with a... lobster face....... even though i am a preacher of skin cancer prevention and sunscreen, i somehow end up being... weeell too lazy to put it on. just staying out of the sun completely, and rocking the porcelain skin (the method i stuck to the last couple of years) was definitely the healthier and, yes, smarter tactic...... 
so, of course you know to moisturize, and cool, and soothe, and..... well, everyone has their own remedies. but what is done is done. and the next day i didn't want to make it thaaat obvious that i was simply to lazy to protect my skin. my red nose was the most prominent part of my face and my lips were pretty much the exact shade of the rest of my face. it was going to be a lazy sunday (running errands and bbg-ing), so i didn't want to spend too much time on my make-up. 

the look: the key is highlighting and focusing on naturally defining the features, that seem to heve been washed out by the sun.
skin: evening out the skin with tinted moisturizer, or light foundation, to take away most of the red. powder against the shine. no blush (even though i am addicted to blush... it didn't feel right to put more red on my skin..... for obvious reasons) just let the natural redness come through on your cheeks. illuminating shimmer on the cheek bones create a sunkissed glow.
eyes: soft shimmering shadow on the lids (pretty much up to the brow). gold shimmer at the inner corners and in the centre along the upper lash line. mascara on those (sun bleached) lashes. that's it.
brows: naturally defined.
lips: emphasized with a classic red.

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