what i love about rachel, is how soft spoken she is. she has this bad-ass look and a very gentle way of talking.  that does not stop her from speaking her mind, but gives her the power to think about what she says, without loosing the listener's attention. i often don't think about what comes out of my mouth, before it does.... so, y not take the time to think about what i am about to say? (at least every once in a while.......)

 little things, that make rachel smile:
"a nice text message, or a photo from someone i care about... something that reminds them of me... things that just make you feel like you are still close to your friends, that are not actually her, in new york...with you. the other day my friend sent me a picture of something, and he was like "oh i just saw this, and you would like it!" and it was someone i hadn't talked to in a while. and it was just nice. that's the best thing ever..."

rachel at le bain, the standard hotel rooftop, new york city
photo by madeau

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