the devil wears... purple

the inpiration: while i was watching the devil wears prada the other day, i not only noticed that andi gets her onion bagel around the corner from where i live (crazy!), but also how refreshing it is to see someone experiment with her eyeshadow colors. like emily does. everything from greenaqua, and purple.
the look: bright color on the eyes. this should be the focus of the whole outfit (including the clothes and shoes) so go really bright.

the skin: light foundation with powder and a light shimmering pink blush
the eyes: a matt plum as a base blended to the brow bone and along the bottom lashes (not to far to the inner corner). bright sparkling purple on the upper lid and also along the bottom lashes. matt dark dark blue shadow at the outer crease and along the lashes of the outer corner of the eye. blending everything very well. then add a thick, but soft, bright-shimmery-purple line along the upper lashes, to about the middle of the lid. focusing on the centre of the lid and the inner corners of the eye. bend the outer corner  a bit more, in the end to avoid hard lines.... (we are not going for a 80s make-up, here) mascara all around the eyes... but keep them soft and not clumpy.
the brows: defined with a medium brown. not too strong, though.
the lips: a slightly tinted and shimmery pink lipstick.

have fun!

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