visiting steve...

 just read looked at the pictures on into the gloss, the power of piercings....

it reminded me of when i got my last piercing (by a veeery sweet guy named steve, at pure body arts) a couple of weeks ago. funny thing... piercings. after each piercing i get i think "how stupid do you have to be, to have someone jam a needle through (in this case) my lip!?" i (in some respect) do understand the "body-mutilation" my parents throw at me... but(!) actually it is just another way of decoration. and isn't that what all this make-up... nail-art... clothes... and shoes is about? (yeah! i definitely have hade more painful moments with some heels (that will stay anonymous...) than with piercings. ladies, can i get an amen?)
anyway, just like (a couple of months ago) when i paid maike a visit, i did my makeup to feel like the bad-ass that i am pretend to be.

this make-up look was kind-of the precursor of the one i did here.
whatever your decoration-of-choice might be... have fun with it!

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