the big red flag

so this post is for the ladies.... the single ladies...... all my sing ladies, all my single ladies, now put your hands up, up in the club... sorry... had to channel my inner yoncer......
aaanyway, everyone has certain mental list of (commonly referred to as) deal-breakers... iiii ted to call it my red-flag-list... (because the red flag is there.... but you can decide to ignore it..... you know what i mean?) well this morning, on the treadmill i had an epiphany. the biggest red flag that (at the moooment) i would call it safe to refer to as a deal-breaker. ready? when you find out that he is / was / wants to be with a trashy girl. so when you see him with a past or present girl. no matter if he is past or present... your friends will always point out heeeeer flaws. that's just what girls do (prittey sure boys too). and that's what friends are for. and sometimes you will believe them and sometimes... not so much. but you(!) will recognize the trashy ones. no need for outside confirmation. you think: "is that his taste?" does he not care that she is wearing classless outfits and looks kinda... dirty?" (not the cool kind of dirty christina sings about. ain't nothing wrong with that.....) well it instantly makes him toooootally unattractive and ladies we don't want none of that!
to prove my point. exibit a) jonny depp  and i swear that this is a tooootal coincidence that this is into the gloss's tbt. well if jonny is your type or not.... you have to admit.. he has something. and(!) not a trashy ex in sight!
with that thought i will leave you to enjoy your weekend. have fun... with classy, beautiful inspiring people!
what are our thought? was i on a irrational runner-high when i came up with this theory? And what are your red flags or deal breakers?

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