inspire and learn

since starting this little blog of mine.... the most rewarding moments were when i noticed that i inspired someone. because really... (apart from having my own little world where i can do whateverthehelliwant (like write a bunch of words as one)) inspiration... montivation... and fun is what it's all about. i remember very clearly when my friend anna sent me a picture of her beautiful face, after she had done make-up that this blog inspired her to.

but this blog is also teaching me a lot........ i just got my first clicks from new caledonia.  and (honestly) i had never heard of this country..... soooooorry
so thank you merci to my new caledonian (caledonian? is that right?) follower for introducing me to your beatyful (at leas what i could see from pictures...) country.

don't forget to learn something every day!

oh and fyi germany, usa is about to pass you up with clicks so you better get on it.

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