we are only human, right?

we all have (at least one) of the following: wrinkles... hair (in unwanted places)… no hair (in wanted places)… cellulite..... chipped nails........ and pimples(!). but, we aaaaare only human. (at least most of us...). well, ever since moving to new york my skin has been getting worse and worse. i figured out how to take care of my dry hands and this little product took care of the rest... but my face seems to be very sensitive to the new york air lack of sleep.....

my friend suzanne is a model, so i love talking to her about beauty…. eating right…. and exercise (among other less important things, of course….… like boys… and shopping. well, i take that back. why would i ever suggest that shopping is unimportant?). a while ago (which reminds me that i haven't seen her in waaaaay to long….) i also asked her about her beauty secret, when it comes to blemish-termination…..

by coincidence i just came across a video of her shareing her get-rid-of-pimples-overnight trick (and i thought i was the only one who she shared he beauty-secrets with.... jk.) instead of me trying to describe it.... just click here and have her (in all her lovely-ness) show you.

suzanne at the butchers daughter, i new york, march 2013… shoot by my

sorry for only having this (far-from-professionsal bogger and meanwhile quite old) instagram picture of her….. (but i doubt this is the last you will see of her gorgeous face……)

i would love to hear any little pimple-fighting tip you have. 

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