future self... mid-week quotes

that's my thing

during my travels i hear a lot of "you have to go there!" or " you can not visit x without going to y". and while i do love some good insider-tips from my fellow vagabonds (definitely more than reading through big guid-books or one of the popular travel-apps) (to guide me to the best hostels / hidden waterfalls / cheap-good-food) i will sometimes choose to ignore all the arrows pointing me in one direction.... if it just doesn't sound like my thing.

but the other day i found myself somewhere, that i was originally going to pass on... simply because of reasons that only applied to me. of course... this place was absolutely beautiful (i tip my hat to you once more, mothernature) and i don't regret it in any way, or want to sound like i am complaining, but i am taking this as a little reminder that i know best what i like and what i don't like (a characteristic i was always thankful to have). it is best to trust your own instincts and you don't need to do things (also outside of traveling) just because "eeeeveryone does it."

this was me in vientiane, laos totally doing my thing...... hunting for artisan treasures. photo by shay lee nessim.

wet color

not only was it raining in dong hoi.... but also on my second day in vietnam, when i went to see the beautiful thái hòa palace of huế. but as i have mentioned before...... i kinda like rain.

febuary 2015... all photos by me


laundry day... luang prabang

after venice  and shanghai... may i present to you: laundry day a la luang prabang.

january 2015, luang prabang, laos... all photos by me


no plan....

losing things...

i have been loosing/forgetting more and more things lately... for example, my phone charger (i did have a spare at one point, that must have already gotten lost too....) i know about myself that i can be a little all-over-the-place sometimes and that i am a notorious space-cadet. but it made me wonder..... am i a little careless with my things at times because i am still seeking to prove to myself that all i need is my breath? or maybe because by getting a bzz-cut, and after saying good-bye to my hair, it's easy to say bye to anything? (well, thinking of my muses helped, too) and finally i realized (yet again) that the actually important things can't be lost.... like my family, my friends and experiences....

febuary 11th 2014, barber shop in nha trang, vietnam


luang prabang

the first city i visit when arriving in a new county is always special. the looooooong (sometimes painful) bus rides spiced with adventurous border crossings are bearable solely for the anticipation of what kind of people, food, architecture, nature and artisan treasures await me across the border. 

in luang prabang it immediately became clear that laos has a looooot of beauty of offer in all those categories (this vagabond-headwear or this market might have already given you a little glimpse...) and i can't wait to show you  more of this warm county and people....

january 2015, luang prabang, laos.... all photos by me


khao luang cave

december 2014, khao luang cave, phetchaburi, thailand... all photos by me


this guy......

this guy…. this guy was sitting infront of a 7eleven in bangkok. i gave him some money.... no reaction... and asked him if i could take is picture… no reaction…. so i quickly just took this shot. 

where is her from? where is he going? is he going anywhere? is he in pain? is he content? one of the emotions that came up in me was to feel sorry for him… but could it be that he is possibly the happiest person on earth?