a part of me...

before starting my vagabonding i literally gave and threw away my entire (shanghai) apartment. being someone who gets veeeery attached to thiiiings (to the point where i haaaave been called "hoarder") this was a reeeeeally big deal for me...... but also purposefully a little challenge i gave myself. (and yes, almost three months later, it is still something that i am.... digesting) anyway, it also has kept me from doing a great deal of shopping. why buy things, when i just got rid of so many pieces i loved? (the fact that i literally have to carry everything i own is also something that makes me be veeeery selective with my purchases.) well sometimes i do get weak.... ('cus maaaaan temptation waits for me at every vintage jewelry stand and traditional fabric store....) and yes, the fashion-gal in me does in fact live on..... (and she sure was flattered when being told that she does not look like a "backpacker")

examples of the new additions to my exclusive backpack-space are..... this black and white kimono (i bought from a local designer in bangkok (and it has been doing a really good job in making every outfit temple-apropriate)) and the lao-style skirt (i had tailored from a fabric i bought at one of the locals-only markets.)

the fabric/fashion/color/jewelry-lover is a part of me that i can not get rid of and (playing with all the beautiful fabrics, i noticed) actually don't want to,

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