that's my thing

during my travels i hear a lot of "you have to go there!" or " you can not visit x without going to y". and while i do love some good insider-tips from my fellow vagabonds (definitely more than reading through big guid-books or one of the popular travel-apps) (to guide me to the best hostels / hidden waterfalls / cheap-good-food) i will sometimes choose to ignore all the arrows pointing me in one direction.... if it just doesn't sound like my thing.

but the other day i found myself somewhere, that i was originally going to pass on... simply because of reasons that only applied to me. of course... this place was absolutely beautiful (i tip my hat to you once more, mothernature) and i don't regret it in any way, or want to sound like i am complaining, but i am taking this as a little reminder that i know best what i like and what i don't like (a characteristic i was always thankful to have). it is best to trust your own instincts and you don't need to do things (also outside of traveling) just because "eeeeveryone does it."

this was me in vientiane, laos totally doing my thing...... hunting for artisan treasures. photo by shay lee nessim.

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