happy freakin' friday (with a little flashbackfriday goodie...)

one of those days... friday... woke-up (so that's good 'cus it means i didn't die)... went for a run (and left with a new personal best)... threw on one of my fave dresses (i'll have to show it to you another time)... did a version of my brows-lashes-lips look (i am already thinking about the next color of stila, stay all day liquid lipstick i will add to my collection)... having a good-hair day (from @ouuuliaaa instagram: "if my hair looks good i can deal with anything.")...
i might still be on a high from last night when it was not freezing at night walking home, after i spontaneously went to  the filson soho store opening (which is beeauuuutiful... by the way)...  and finally tried this lovely little restaurant in my hood, teany. i have passed it a million times and aaalways wanted to go (...but you know how it is)... well i love it... the italian owner... and the amaaazing pumpkin cheesecake, i had for dessert. and i was just enjoying the beautiful streets of new york at night... the shadows the streetlights and fire escapes were making....... you know that moment when you look at someone and it hits you how much you love them that you have the urge to crawl inside of them? yeah, that was me... last night... with new york.
 well like i said (and you might be able to tell...), i am still on a high from it. not even this far-from-lovely weather can cramp my style. and a couple of minutes ago i got a text from my sis, telling me to google this...... and if you are not haven a quiet as good day as me, this should at least give you a little moment of happiness....... enjoy.

happy freakin' friday!

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