to travel far distances i never really liked the idea of taking a ten-hour-bus-ride (for example) during the day. "what a waste of time….." not using this precious time to be dooooing something. as you know the subject time has recently always been on my mind. (see this post or quote). well through a series of events, i did in fact take such a ten-hour.... (turned out is was more like fifteeeeeen-hour) bus-ride and (i am not about to tell you that it was super fun, or any where near comfortable) but (finally arrived and showered in my room at my destination bangkok) i do not at all feel like the time was waisted. yes, i could definitely think of more pleasurable activities….... (a spa treatment, or a stroll though munich, or a deliciously home cooked meal are spontaneous things that come to mind) but i diiiid experience things. i learned things, saw, smelled, heard and tasted new things, i laughed... and therefor it was not a waist of time. 

i took this photo during our first stop........ somewhere in cambodia..... loading off the first sacks of rice and salt. and i will be shearing a buuuunch more scenes from this crazy ride, tomorrow.

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