first impression

it's funny... i have noticed that every new place i get to (as a vagabond) i seem to immediately after a short time have a feeling for if i will like the city or... if it is not so much my thing.

after scanning the first restaurants, observing the first dishes the waiters fly past me, or (at the laaaatest) having my first meal, i hear myself say things like "they have good food here" (and by "here" i mean "this city"). i will smile at people and if the majority smiles back i will make my decision if "people are nice here". yeah, food and nice people are the main criteria of a "nice place" in my book...... jk.

cities (as well as people) are victims of first impressions. (victims... because soooometimes first impressions can be wrong) generally, i do trust my first impressions and gut-feeling, but at the same time i have learned that it is important to stay open minded and flexible to be able adjust your first opinion.

i am currently in bangkok...... a city that i was almost reluctant to visit. (in fact, this is my second visit (yes i am revisiting cities... long story..........)) and, awaaaay from the cocktails-in-buckets, chang-tank-tops, and get-any-fake-id-here (don't worry i have photos) i do actually like bangkok.
funny..... i just remembered this post (from my first visit to bangkok).... where i talk about food and mention a "smiling waitress".

above picture was taken by eva, at madame musur.... a lovely restaurant, that i frequent ("frequent" as in visited-twice-in-three-days) with good food and veeery nice (yes, smiling) waiters. so there you go. bangkok... "nice place". 

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