the coffee thing....

after spending most of the last weeks on various beaches (... remote beaches so beautiful i literally had to tell myself that it is in fact meee standing on this white sand...) i did come to the point of reeeeally wanting a warm shower... a bed that does not feel like i am sleeping in a sandcastle... not being woken up by roosters or geckos... and maaaaybe even a room with a mirror in it.

me shot by eva in kampot... enjoying a lavazza coffee (the same kind i made myself back in new york...)

so back in bangkok... fully back in civilization (even though the scene on khao san road at night makes me rethink that word....jk) and whereas i already cut eye shadow, concealer, any hair styling products, body lotion and.... stuff from my daily use.  i can not obtain from a goooood coffee (and by "good" i guess i mean "the way you are used to it"). 

the bangkok starbucks that i was honored with my presence more than once... photo by me.

for this reason i am absolutely guilty of hitting up a starbucks. yes.... it is a stupid cluche. but one if the vagabond obsticles (without sounding like i am complaining... because i am absolutely grateful to be in this adventure) is finding a latte or cappuccino the way you are craving it, so badly (after spending the night on a freezing cold bus). it's that comfort in knowing what you are going to get. 

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