buddha….. love at first sight

i already introduced ching to you (yes, i finally asked her what her name was) the lovely lady i buy my jewelry from.

the last piece i bought is a tiger's eye buddha pendant, set in silver. and this is what ching told me about it….. the tiger's eye has protective powers (i have always loved this stone ....being a crazy-cat-lady… and a leo... and it makes me think of "eye of the tiger" from rocky (you know… the boxing movie… i can't help it… i love me some rocky) and my tiger's eye bracelet had recently broken…) the smiling buddha is supposed to remind me to be kind to myself (something we should all remind ourselves of… no?) and on the back… is a butterfly (sorry, mom...), engraved in the silver… telling me that something beautiful will come (also always a good thing to be reminded of...). 

she tied the pendant on a thick black sting and said: "something more tribal for you. you are part of my tribe now." now there really(!) is nothing wrong with belonging to a tribe. especially in new york….. jk. when i hung him around my neck ching waved him good-by and told me that she sold him to me because she knew that i would take good care of him. …she is the sweetest!

sorry for the (totally unprofesh) selfie but i was on my way to have my nails done and i think this (escada sport printed coat… levi's flannel shirt… calvin klein jeans white tee) is the perfect look for my little buddha.

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