say hello to my left hand

 the funnest part about jewelry (to me anyway) is finding random pieces that tell stories… 

(from left to right)
vintage silver ring, from this crazy flea-market-house, in munich, that i went to with my parents before it was torn down to build an aldi (a discount grocery store)

gifted from my mom santa mouse (my sis has the same one in pink)

  vintage gold and rose gold double-ring gifted from my dear friend, christa

coral and turquoise ...my two favorite stones. i bought this queen-of-boho-rings from my super-special-jewelry-lady ching (who i most recently bought this pendant from)

isabel marant ring i bought in a random boutique in berlin. it reminds me of the crazy-fun times i had opening berlin fashion week (with my former company)

cos ring that was part of a set my friend bought. but like it usually happens with sets…. there was one she didn't like. (scooore!)

……..no, i don't take these rings off at night ….a faq.

and now the nails….
i really think this color is my all-time-favorite. it is one of the very few nail polish bottles i actually finished.  because of all my rings i don't really wear colorful nail polish ….even though i love it. i go for non-blacks like essie, wicked or nudes like opi, hopelessly in love. aaaanyway this is the perfect navy-purple-non-black…. opi, russian navy. and to add some extra bad-ass-ness i also used a matte top coat. 

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