battle of the reds

here we go. like promised, i am having my two current-fave reds battle it out.

so, what they mostly have in common is the color. stila's fiery is a darker, deeper red and nars's dragon girl is wonderfully bright (which is why i bought it) and very slightly goes into a pink direction.

as far as the long-lasting goes... i highly doubt that there is a lip product out there that has more staying power than the liquid lipstick.  when they say "stay all day" they mean stay aaall day. it is just increeedible.  the lip pencil will not survive drinking from a bottle. (not the most ladylike thing to do, i know. but since i generally disagree with the over-usage of straws (that happens here in the us....), (it's a tree-hugger thing...) that iiis a factor that i take into account.

 the point for which one of the two feeeeeels better... will have to go to nars. it pretty much doesn't feel like you are wearing anything at all (on your lips). so i totally agree with the "velvet" part of name. the liquid lipstick dries completely matte, and therefore covers your lips in a solid coat of color. honestly, doesn't feel toooooo great. your lips will feel dryer than they look, though. an important side-note for this product is that you absolutely need to refrain from moisturizing during the day. it really messes up the texture, and will cause smearing and creasing and lots of bad stuff. don't do it. make sure your lips are well hydrated and maybe even exfoliated before you use this product. (i (try to) cover my lips in a layer of thick lip-moisturizer the night before.) the only thing you can do, when you really feel like you need to touch up, is re-apply a thin layer of the liquid lipstick. but(!) for a whoooole day you will only need to do that once. no lie.

reapplying will need to be more frequent with the pencil, but it does allow mid-day-moisturizing. i suggest a basic chapstick (i used burt's bees replenishing lip balm with pomegranate oil) (to not add sheen to the matte color).

another aspect i take into consideration is the fact that the liquid lipstick is a one-product kind of situation. i usually aaaaalways want need a lip liner. (just because my lips don't naturally have a defined edge. and i generally feel like it gives a more finished look.) (which is why i will choose this product for the glamour-update.) when i use the nars lip pencil i (have to) combine it with a lip liner (i used mac in beet) and also (like mentioned earlier) carry a lip balm in my purse.

so that's that. i hope this post helped you to determine which characteristics are important for you.

oh! the price is about the same.... i found both of these ladies at sephora. stila for 22$ and nars for 24$.

i would love to hear what your priorities are when choosing a lip color....
 or if you have any other products you would like me to compare.

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