the look: i did it! (still inspired by the whole "pure gaga" look) i did a no-mascara make-up. it was kind of a big deal because, if i could only have one beauty product, for the set of my life, it would definitely be  mascara. 

skin: i didn't want the i-am-just-not-wearing-any-make-up-at all look. so i made sure to even my skin with a light foundation and powder.

brows: natural but groomed with grow gel.

eyes: for natural sculpting i used bare minerals, vanilla sugar for the base... mac, eyeshadow, quarry for the crease and swiss chocolate for the lash line... and for the highlights mac, paints in stilife.

lips: i wanted my lips in a-tone-darker-than-naturlly, without adding a thick layer of color or gloss. 

what is your first-choice beauty product?


  1. It looks great! Mascara would definitely be my choice for only beauty product. Closely followed by under-eye concealer...

  2. Hey - we are related! Mascara is my first choice for only beauty product too.