like i have told you before… when i wear men's clothes (which happens alooot) like this amaaaying cos sweater (which i bought on my holiday visit in munich) i like doing stronger make-up….

skin: for sheer coverage with a natural glow i mixed mac's prep + prime, skin base and face and body foundation, on the back of my hand and worked that into my skin. …and just a small amount of blush to finish it off.

brows: for my brows i used dark brown and black eyeshadow

eyes: on the top lid i used one of my absolute favorite mac eyeshadows... performing art. unfortunately it was a special edition...... (why do you do that to me mac?). to deepen the crease i also used a medium grey. black luquid eyeliner for the cateye-effect. on the bottom lid i used a purple eyeshadow pen and black eyeliner on the waterline. to blend these together i used dark blue eyeshadow with a slanted eyeliner brush. mascara for both lash rows. (i was obviously having a bad eyelash-hair day…)

lips: in this look my eyes got the attention… so i just covered my lips with a layer of sheer pink lipstick.

have fun!

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