i already talked about how much i love liquid lipstick from stila. so this weekend i bought a new color…. fiery.

the look: it's all about the matt red lips.

skin: i worked foundation into my skin, and then concealer on the inside corners of my eyes.  i matted my t-zone before adding a little bit of natural-red blush.

brows: the eye brows should not be the focus, so i mainly filled in the outer half, before brushing them with clear brow gel

eyes: my top lid, up to the brow, i covered with a soft shimmering nude tone. the movable lid got a light layer of mac, eye shadow, coppering.  i bulid the shadowing above my top lash row, with a medium, and dark matt brown, before using black eye shadow, right at the roots. black eyelinder for the top, and brown for the bottom waterline. i used a sufficient ammount of marcara, for full top lashes, and only one coating for the bottom ones.

lips: and now of course fiery on my lips and a red lipliner to perfect the edges.

have fun

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