my-asian-jewelry-lady (i really need to ask her for her name)…. love at first sight

i randomly walked into her store last August. it was the kind of store that i have passed a million times but never noticed. on this beautiful day i did. the window, full of jewelry, grabbed me. in the store i immediately knew that i wouldn't be able to decide between all of the gorgeous pieces. 

the lady behind the counter asks me "what do you need?" me: "maybe a ring... i just lost two of my rings during a visit at rockaway beach……." she looks at me and says "you have to organize yourself" (it was one of these days that i would leave my wallet, sunglasses, keys… all tangled in my headphone cable… in random places. not in random places in my room (everything is looks like it is in random places there...), but in public places…..) and i laugh and answered "very true." and i understood what she meant with "what do you need". i told her about how i just moved here and bla bla bla. she hands me a bracelet with jade beads. the jade should keep me healthy, safe and give me calmness, to put life into perspective and help me prioritize. she says all these things (that unfortunately I can't entirely recall…) but it is like she is looking inside of me. sounds silly i know… 

but then, she did the same with my friend, who i was in the store with. we were both totally perplexed. but whatever i say / write about her…. it just can't do her justice…….. how accurate she is with reading people... and how lovely she is... and kind... and funny

so you might think... that i am totally crazy… or that i am naive and she just wants my money. but it is not about religion, or fortune telling, or stuff like that. it is about finding someone (or something… even if it is just a gorgeous piece of jewelry) that/who makes you feel good (or better, when you are having a rough day) .....and if it involves enhancing my jewelry collection… even better! (it's cheaper than buying shoes.... or certain sunglasses 

picture of "my-asian-jewelry-lady" taken in new york, by madeau 

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