easy does it

the look: today i wanted to be comfortable in a big sweater and (stretchy) jeans. for my make-up i also wanted an easy thing.

skin: for looks that are so clean it is important to have good skin (...or at least the illusion of it). i used foundation, that i worked from the centre of my face towards the outside, and matted it with pressed powder. the blush i used is very intense, but when dusted on lightly it gives my face that healthy-blood-circulation look.

brows: this is the first time i used a pencil for my brows (....ever). and i liked it more than i thought i would...... it results in a more defined graphic brow... (but, you know i have nooothing against strong brows... with brown smoke... or to visit mike)

eyes: my favorite no-eyeshadow eyeshadow is mac, quarry, which i lightly brushed over my lid, while taking the blending brush, a couple more times over the general aria of my crease, to deepen the color. then, i covered that color with a very light shimmering warm grey and also along the lower lashes. to brighten my eyes, i placed warm golden sparkle-shadow on my tear duct. with a liquid eyeliner i pulled a delicate line along the top lashes, making sure to not go further than the outer corner of my eye. (we don't want the cat-eye-swoosh here...). for full soft lashes i used black mascara and covered the bits of the top waterline left skin-colored (i hate it when that peaks trough, like it did here.....) with black eyeliner.

lips: i used a classic-red lipgloss, that i just dabbed on the centre of my mouth and defused the edges with my fingers.

have fun... and be comfortable


  1. I absolutely love this look. I definitely need that eyeshadow!

    1. i always think of you when i do natural make-up looks like this.