that lipstick....

today was a day that i needed to feel.... well..... faaabulous (baby!). you know what i mean? we all have situations like that... no?  where you wear the shirt, that always makes you feel good... or your favorite earrings... your coolest heals... or your most fabulous lipstick......

the look: lightly smokey eyes and... that lipstick!

skin: even complexion with foundation, concealer (where needed) and powder. warm pinkish blush on my cheeks and a touch of luminator on my cheekbones.

brows: shaped and filled with medium brown.

eyes: i covered the upper lid with a medium gray, just up to the socket line, where i blended it, with a soft brush in circular motions, with a warm brown eyeshadow. along both lash lines i brushed on mac, pigment colour powder, circa plum. (that is also a product that always makes me feel cooolio...). black mascara for full lashes lashes... lashes.

lips: i used only one amaaaazing product: stila, stay all day, liquid lipstick in aria. it glides on like a gloss which makes it easy to apply and then dries with a matt finish. soooo cool! and it seriously lasts aaall day. with eating and drinking and everything. i have to say that it dosn't exactly feel too good, because your lips aaare completely covered by a layer of matt color. but it looks soooooo good... and that color!.... and it is so nice to do a lipstick-look (of course optional, also with a more natural eye...) without having to worry about the creasing, bleeding, fading, smudging.......

have fun... with an item in your closet / make-up bag / shoe rack, that never fails to make you feel faaabulous!

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