what do lipstick and heels have in common?

today was one of those days, that i really didn't know what i wanted to do for my make-up. part of it was feeling kinda uninspired... i guess, and not having too much time for my make-up (doe to sleeping in (which i usually neeever do…)). i had the day off… had a nice long lunch, in the sun (in november!) with my friend, and then a bit of shopping.

my point iiiis, i borrowed my friends lipstick and it totally made a look out of my meh-make-up. that's what lipstick and a pair of heels have in common….. they can make(!) a look.

the lipstick was bobbi brown, sheer lip color, pink blossom (the perfect inbetween-orange-and-pink color) with mac, lip pencil, beet.

have fun… and borrow your friends make-up

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