p b (does not stand for peanut butter…. in this case)

the look: even skin, shades of purple and blue on the eyes, and natural lips.

skin: i used a light foundation and concealer, followed by face power, to give this look an even base

brows: i didn't fill them in too much, but used brow gel to make them look more defined and groomed.

eyes: i brushed mac, eye shadow, jeweled on my lids and defused the edges with a light shimmering pink, on my brow bone. then i used a purple, crayon-pen thing, from sephora (that i have had for eeeeeeever), on the lower half of my movable lid for brightness and mac, pigment color powder, in circa plum, on my crease for depth. i rimed my eyes generously with a green-blue shimmering eyeliner and also used a light blue eyeliner on my tear duct. black kohl kajal on my waterlines, and a good amount of mascara, to get that deep... dramatic look.

lips: on my lips i used a simple tinted lip balm (since this iiiiis a day look.), but first lined the top edge with a flesh colored lip tint. (because my upper lip kind of fades out, without a natural sharp edge, that totally is reason for envy, when i see girls who have that naturally….)

have fun

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