innovation… beauty secret

let me start this post off ith a little story...
one of my best friends, anna came to visit me in new york, a couple of weeks ago. and of course we had an amazing time! our days were filled with an endless amount of good-old-girly-shit.  and to make a long story short…. one of the effects that had, was her suitcase (very likely) being overweight. (but really, the weight limits nowadays are pretty much impossible…). well, she decided to leave all her shampoo, etc at my place. one of the products she left was nivea's in-dusch körperlotion
so i used it. and i have to say…. i love it!

i was skeptical (how on earth can that work?) ...but i was proven wrong. and for being someone who really does't usually use body lotion (it makes my clothes greasy…. gets stuck under my rings… and is just not a priority, in my beauty-routine. but let me tell you… not moisturizing during the dry-new-york-winter is really not an option) i am thankful for it and might actually be addicted. (thank god for the price!). it saves sooo much time, doesn't leave any greasy-ness, but super spoft moisturized skin. need any more reasons? …i don't think so.

the only problem…. nivea doesn't sell it in the us... yet.
aaaaah, another product i have to buy in bulk when i am in munich. along with my eyeshadow base and mascara (i know… i already promised you a post on that)

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