oh housewife.......

i was contemplating not mentioning the muse who inspired this look.... but y not? y not tell you that i totally watch the real housewives of atlanta? watching this show has the same effect on me as watching rupaul's drag race ....it makes me think to myself: "now that(!) is a lot of make-up......". i also think cynthia is a beautiful woman (especially in her reunion-look.... damn!) and one of her make-up looks in the new season inspired todays make-up. you can find inspiration anywhere...  aaaanywhere… 

shin: foundation, powder and natural blush for flawless matt skin ...without any crazy sculpting (like cynthia actually would...)

brows: i filled them in and enhanced them a bit, without creating hard lines, since this look already has enough going on with the eyes and lips...

eyes: the first layer of my eye shadow is mac's parfait amour. on the center of the movable lid i dabbed a silver loose-powder with my fingers, before rimming my eyes with sephora's shimmering violet eye shadow pen. the finishing touches were silver highlights on the inner corners, with a (random drugstore) eyeliner ...and (of course) mascara.

lips: this is the first time using my new bite beauty, high pigment pencil in bramble. i bought it because it has this perfect deep cherry color and a nice... juicy finish. in fact this is my first product from bite beauty. i was happy to hear that it is the most natural/organic line sephora carries. and i like that the pen has the screw mecanism and won't need to be sharpened. unfortunately, i wasn't too impressed with the lip-life (shelf-life on the lipes. get it?), but that is the price you pay for that beautifully-hydrated look. like when using a lipstick, i had to prep my lips with foundation, powder and lip liner (i used mac's vino), to keep the color from creasing at the edge. 

have fun with finding inspiration in unconventional places!

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